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SANS 517 Light Steel Construction

Light Steel Frame building is a building method, and should not be confused with prefabricated or ‘kit’ buildings. It has been described as ‘off-site’ building, as a lot of the manufacturing takes place in factories, and the components are assembled on site. It consists of structural wall panels and/or trusses, assembled using cold formed steel sections made from thin gauge high strength galvanized steel sheets. Sections are joined together, typically in a factory, using rivets or self tapping screws, to form structural wall panels and/or roof trusses which are transported to site for erection on foundations and floor slabs. Similar to timber frame construction, the wall frames are clad externally and internally on site with a range of alternative cladding materials with services (electrical and plumbing) and insulation material installed in the wall cavity. Any type of roofing material can be used. Light steel frame buildings offer environmentally friendly, structurally sound buildings; speed of construction; excellent thermal insulation; accuracy and quality finishes

Designing & Engineering

  • Approved Construction Method SANS 517
  • Accepted by Local Municipalities
  • Design Freedom
  • Use Current Building Plans
  • Fully Engineered
  • Lightweight
  • Structural Strength
  • Highest Strength to Weight Ratio

Manufacturing & Construction

  • Computerised Manufacturing
  • Speed of Construction
  • Minimal Wastage
  • Minimal Site Disturbance
  • Accuracy and Quality Finishes

your Finished Home

  • Represents Value for Money
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation SANS 204
  • Environmentally Friendly


Why Choose SteelWave Buildings?

Earlier Occupation

With way less time than normal brick houses, you will be able to move in sooner than you anticipated!

Energy Saving

With insulated walls and ceilings, you will save more on energy usage.

Recycle and Re-Use

With recycled material, we strive to reduce the carbon footprint. We use less transportation to get the material on site, thus saving on high emission gasses.

We create Jobs

We use only local laborers to ensure than we create jobs and help South Africa move forward

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